About POW

POW Nottingham is a peer-founded charity supporting individuals involved in or affected by sex work. POW promotes health and dignity by empowering, supporting and educating our clients.

In 1990 local women from the prostitute community volunteered to train as researchers. These women, funded by The World Health Organisation and ‘Nottingham Health Authority’, exposed that existing services failed to respond to the unique needs of Nottingham’s sex workers. They developed a unique outreach and referral service that allowed for lay representation. POW evolved from this work to fill the gap in existing services. POW continues to shape and adapt the nature of health and welfare provisions to better meet the needs of the socially excluded.

If you have any questions or require more information contact us.

Raising Awareness in Sexual Exploitation

R.A.i.S.E is an educational resource tool kit that has been created with the help of young people that have been sexually exploited for the purpose of alerting other young people who are at risk. The aim of the training is to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and equip young people with the skills they need to make healthy relationship choices.

POW supports young people who are involved in risky situations that could lead to someone using them in a sexual way. Should a young person or professional wish to refer a child to RAiSE contact POW and speak to a member of the team and request a referral form.


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TV review: The Sex Business lifts the lid on a growing industry

The sex industry is a growing business….the 3 part series on Channel 5 highlights some of the issues that our service users face on a daily..

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Support POW, Support Others buy a ticket for our charity Fashion Show 6th June….up to 50% of high quality clothing brands including; River..

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Artemis' Umbrella - Artemis umbrella

IMPORTANT SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT…FREE APP available for your SAFETY….Artemis’ Umbrella is a smartphone application which alerts your friend..

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Tackling Snowdon for National Ugly Mugs

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SUPPORT TEAM NUM….their work to end violence against sex workers is vital and important to a group that is often overlooked..

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Happy day at POW today, nice food and cakes from @FareShareUK , towel donation from Alex Pavier,GU clinic @NUHsexualhealth ready for the service..

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